Maria DiPietro Curry

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Phil Porter

[Did not attend]

Kay Wimer Klein

RIP 2021

Gail Miller Smith

RIP 2019

Harry Weston

French teacher and

of existentialism

Robert Totman

[no email]

Irving Goodrich

Math teacher

Judy Wilcox Totman

[no email]

Leon Bryant

RIP 2018

Steve Rathje

RIP 2021

Marian Lillie

RIP 2019

Chuck Klempka

[no email address]

Meta Green

English teacher

RIP 2017

Every ‘Now’ and ‘Then’ - Classmates Attending the Reunion

In addition to the 14 Reunion Committee members and their partners

Purple Tiger by Mike Loparco 1966

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Cynthia ‘Jean’ Smith Chaffee

[no email address]

Richard Neff

RIP 2022

Tom Livingston

RIP 2017

Stanley Bushnell

[no email address]

Ernest ‘Sparky’ Searfoss