This page will be filled in as we learn who is coming to the Reunion and as we gather information about you that is worth sharing.  Contact Martha or Don with your stories and anecdotes and photos.

We’re hoping for information about growing up in Cortland - not just attending high school.

Example photo and ironic caption...

Cortland - St Mary’s High School Class of 1966 - reunion website

Occasionally it snows in Cortland...

Purple Tiger by Mike Loparco 1966

St Mary's First Communion May 15, 1955 - Kay Wimer is half-hiding Martha Brown.

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Provide a caption contest...

Virgil kindergarten graduation 1954 - circle is placeholder for now.

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Saint Anthony's First Communion Class 1955 - in two parts

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1967 Maria and Tony DiPietro

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Smoking was more popular back then, too...but...Juan?  Really?

Don’t forget the production of Booth Tarkington’s “Seventeen”

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