Every Now and Then - [Re] Meet the Reunion Committee

Adele Reed

RIP 8/2023

Becky Allen Muehlbauer

Becky has worked in finance for the past 40 years. Through her handmade quilted Autism Awareness Panel, that was displayed throughout the US, she is now dedicated to open doors for Autism Awareness in honor of her grandson.

Martha Brown Schuyler

Martha is a retired RN and semi-retired paralegal. She met Claude Schuyler senior year and they've been together since. Martha enjoys time with family and friends, travel, gardening and genealogy research.

Gary Jones

Gary married a St Mary’s girl 54 years ago, Susan Ray, and miraculously, she has put up with him ever since. A retired educator, Gary enjoys traveling, his Porsche, and many projects that drive his wife [and friends, RB] crazy.

Claude Schuyler

Married to Martha Brown since 1967, Claude is a retired advertising executive. He enjoys travel, music, drawing and painting and restores and plays vintage drums.

Lynn Van Hensbergen Meldrim

Lynn, a retired teacher, married her best friend, Tom, in '69. They're parents to 4 and grand- parents to 7 kids with 1 in the oven. She loves their vacation home in the ADKs and year-round outdoor activities with family and friends.

Valerie Wood Brown

RIP 1/2024

Stephanie Passeri-Densmore

After graduating from Cornell, I lived in Italy for 12 years. Since 1989, I have been an 8th grade English teacher. I also volunteer at St. Anthony's, where husband Bob and I are co-directors of religious education and where I teach Italian.

Sue Ray Jones

Susan Ray retired after 25 years in day care and 10 years working at the Saratoga Tree Nursery. She enjoys her 2 amazing grandchildren, traveling, cooking and trying to keep up with her husband, CHS’s Gary Jones.

Katie Quinlan

Katie received a BA from SUNY Cortland, then had 35 years at Key Bank. Upon retiring from the bank, she began a 2nd career as a sub TA in the Homer CSD. Katie enjoys travel, theater, knitting and the activities of her nieces and nephews.

If you can identify them all, you will be entitled to an extra serving of Tuscan vegetables.

Jim Nichols

A US Army Veteran, Jim returned to Cortland to join the police force at 22, ultimately becoming Chief of Police. In retirement, he is a member of every volunteer organization in Cortland and, without him, the city would undoubtably crumble.

Ruth Olcott O'Lill

Ruth is a published author who retired from grant writing in Virginia Beach to return to Cortland to be with family. She enjoys long-distance bicycling and Pieces 4 Peace, a local quilting club that hand-makes quilts for people in need.

Purple Tiger by Mike Loparco 1966